2012 Year In Review

Accomplishments of 2012

  • Learned Drupal: built content types, created node templates including custom code, complex views, Drupal caching, and a familiarity with a number of modules
  • Learned to write styles in SASS and used Ruby to compile those to CSS
  • Version control using Git (Git Bash)
  • Content management including managing moderation states with multiple editors
  • Learned some new PHP skills
  • Managed a hectic workflow
  • Got the hang of working for a large non-profit
  • Learned a lot of random stuff about science
  • Improved my credit score
  • Contributed to a retirement fund
  • Paid down some debt
  • Switched from Bank of America to a local credit union
  • Received a DSLR camera
  • Bought a Nintendo WII
  • Explored a lot of Boston & Somerville on foot
  • Met some awesome people
  • Visited my relatives in San Diego and built them a website
  • Helped my brother-in-law get a new portfolio site up and running
  • Reaped the benefits of my adsense site…it’s running on auto-pilot these days and I’ve earned enough that I have to pay taxes on it!

Goals for 2013

  • Confine work to normal work hours
  • Experience more culture: museums, films, books, etc.
  • Take pictures and draw stuff
  • Exercise
  • Travel more
  • Give back

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