Building A Website for Affiliate Advertising

I’ve been reading a bit about various ways to make money with online advertising. I’m looking into various affiliate programs, trying to decide on my next little website/blogging project. My first experiment with Google Adsense is on an informational site running on the WordPress platform. It’s doing fairly well, making around $100/month, but it took a lot of blog posts just to get it to that point and since its my first blog with ads, I’m not sure how well that will last in the long term.

I’m looking for my next idea. I was considering trying my hand at an affiliate program, but there’s so much out there and I’m not finding a ton of useful information about which programs are actually good, how people are making money with them, how to promote certain products, etc. I don’t mind putting in some time making a website, but I don’t want something that’s going to take several weeks and then only pay a few cents a week.

I checked out Commission Junction, which looks OK, but I can’t get approved to use their advertisers links until I have a website to put them on and I don’t want to spend time building out a site, only to not get approved by the advertisers.

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