Post-Launch Binder Clutter Cleanup

I carry one huge maroon work binder with me to and from work every day that contains pretty much every non-digital document/note (aka paper) I have sans a few select receipts and documents in my desk. I thought it’d be time to thin out the binder a bit and purge anything that is old news at this point. page sitemaps page sitemaps

Test printings of custom field trip guide images

Test printings of custom Field Trip Guide images

Items Headed to a Somerville Recycling Center

  • Sitemaps for almost every page of the new site
  • Customize a field trip guide test printings when I was testing image export settings
  • Daily to-do lists
  • A lot of papers with all sorts of drawings & calculations made during building out the site
  • An impressive amount of notes that no longer retain any semblance of meaning

Items that Made the Cut

  • Documentation
    • “Web Updates and OMS Information” (OMS = Offering Management System): The entire process of how marketing & web requests are made & processed
    • “DNS Transition”: All of the tasks required to change the domain name servers for the main website, the legacy site and several sub-sites to make the new site live with a new web host
    • “Emergency System workflow”: The entire process from initial work order to entering exceptions to the main website, online store, and digital signage in the museum
    • “Online Store Functionality and Requested Features”: Details the current functionality of the Museum’s online store and requested features and requirements
    • “Live Presentations / Communicating Specific Topics”: An overview of how a variety of live presentations get requested and how they are displayed on digital signage, the website, the printed Museum Map and notes on visitor impact
    • “Digital Signage Maintenance”: Instructions for editing digital signage modules and functionality
    • General image documentation: Includes notes on image dimensions for main website’s full, teaser, thumbnail and field trip guide images including image export settings and image CSS styles
    • “How to update the daily schedule”: How to import an updated products feed and how to troubleshoot missing items
    • “Intranet / Forms / Promotional Request Overview”: Overview of the existing promotional request process and form and its problems so we can outline our desired solutions
    • “VES: Maintenance”: Visitor Experience Survey technical maintenance
    • “Batch Scripts”: Outlines each batch script and why it was created
  • Meeting Notes
    • Notes from our DNS transition meeting
    • Web Governance Team notes: Most of these were purged because they exist elsewhere, but there are some notes on requested mobile site features
    • Summer Courses notes
    • Marketing meeting notes prioritizing web updates post-launch
    • Some Google Analytics ideas to research
    • A flow chart detailing promo request workflow from request to published live on the main website