Kinesis Freestyle keyboard

freestyle_incline_600x392One of my coworkers uses a contoured ergonomic keyboard and we chatted briefly about keyboards. This morning when I walked in, I had a “Kinesis Freestyle Separated Keyboard” sitting at my desk. It’s a PC keyboard, so I mapped the “Alt” key to “Command”. On both the PC keyboard and my regular Mac keyboard I have the “Caps Lock” key mapped to “Control” because it’s just easier to reach and how often does one really need a “Caps Lock” key?

Using the Kinesis, I’ve discovered that I apparently always use my left hand for the “H” key. I keep going for “H” and it’s not there; it’s weird. I guess I’m getting back to basics here, starting with the home row.

App Development 101

This evening I went to an event in the Microsoft building called “App Development 101″. It was awesome. Mark Kasdorf, CEO and Founder of Intrepid Pursuits and Intrepid Labs and Chris Requena, Co-founder and VP of Operations of Mobinett Interactive, gave a really straight-forward run-down on the basics of what to focus on when trying to build a successful app as well as some cool insider tips.

I took some mental notes and here are a few of the takeaways I found interesting:

  • Build for iOS first and then port over to Android because the ROI is much higher on iOS. Android has huge significant OS fragmentation that costs a lot more in development and iOS users spend substantially more money on apps than Android users.
  • Apple aggressively pushes developers to build for the newest release. Mark Kasdorf paraphrasing Apple’s own advice: “The best way to support iOS7 is to drop support for iOS6.”
  • App Store Optimization (ASO), the process of improving the visibility of an app in the app store, is more difficult than SEO, but still, there are techniques for better visibility.
  • The absolute best way to get exposure for your app is to get featured in the app store. Other methods: Buying downloads by paying for ads (usually a very low ROI) and PR (not terrible, but still expensive).
  • A good resource for learning app development is the Standford Lecture Series “Developing Apps for iOS”.